For Anthony:

Skatepark ramps and platforms,
fabricated and donated by JTV Mfg.

:: Article in the Cherokee Chronicle Times ::

In the shop:

Friday, April 14, 2006, Setting up:

Growing crowd, growing anticipation:

The big pipe's ready... who's first?


C'mon, first one to skate top-to-top gets five bucks...

R. had taken measurements of similar equipment in a couple of other towns but ended up working from a large fold-out Slim Jim ad containing a detailed "Snap Pipe" blueprint we found in one of Anthony's skateboarding magazines.  Slim Jim's parent company ConAgra was contacted to give them credit for the initial design.

Lundell Mfg from Cherokee donated the black paint job.

Little pipe:


The mayor's stamp of approval:

Artwork, little pipe:


There were more skaters, more painters, and more pictures on Saturday, which was also Evan's birthday.  An "official dedication" is being scheduled, with more opportunities to paint.

Posted 04.20.06


Dedication, May 13, 2006
Anthony's plaque, made by JTV: