About Anthony

Evan Remembers: Catching Seager

From Evan, 3/12/2009

I remember when Anthony, John, Ethan, Cole, and I would try to catch our giant mutant Doberman when he got hyper in the green house in Sutherland.


Evan Remembers: Food Pranks

From Evan, 10/1/2005

Anthony put ketchup in my food like cottage cheese sometimes and covered it up so I couldn't tell. 


Grandma Remembers: Separation

From Grandma Kuiper, 11/3/2005

I was privileged to spend a lot of time with Anthony during his first 5 years or so. I found out quite soon how "attached" to him I was.

When Anthony was almost a year old I traveled with him and his mom on their first move to Jacksonville, NC.


Grandpa Remembers: A Spotted Fawn

From Grandpa K, 9/29/2010

Five years ago on a Saturday afternoon in June you and I stood silent on a grass-covered hillside. You had suddenly pointed and whispered, "Grandpa, look! It's a fawn!"


Grandpa Remembers: Name That Tune

From Grandpa K, 10/10/2005

Anthony had a special love for music -- of most any kind! We saw this already almost as soon as he started to walk.


Grandpa Remembers: Quiet Evening

From Grandpa K, 9/30/2014

It’s a quiet evening here, not too far away from the place you were born. Today we would have celebrated your 23rd birthday with you, and I find myself wondering what life would look like for you. What would you be doing? What passions of life would you be pursuing? What adventures of life might surround you?



Anthony did such a good impression of Napoleon Dynamite!!



Johanna Remembers: A Cool Dude

Anthony was one of those people that were all in their personal world of fun! I remember last year in art he always drew war and things like that. He was a cool dude. 8) What I remember about Anthony is that he would be so nice to people if they really were feeling bad. Anthony was one of my very good friends. I am very mad that he is not here to share all the things that are happening now.

Kayla Remembers: Cheez Whiz!

From Cousin Kayla, 9/16/2005

Last summer I was sleeping on the couch and Anthony and Evan got the idea to put cheese whiz in my ear.


Kelsey Remembers: The Talk

I've known Anthony since he moved here in about second grade... I can only think of good memories I've had with him! Like when he jumped up on his chair to assume his usual position and completely missed the chair,  or when he was mine and Kirstin's "dad" and gave us "the talk" after we snuck out at night. I can remember when he dressed up like a girl in Mrs. Geerdes classroom for a character for a book report...only Anthony would be brave enough to do that!