About Anthony

A Song of Faith

From Faith, 1/15/2014


I wrote a song about you in Nashville this past year. I imagine you would have had a million songs poured out of your soul by now. Your sense of adventure and your love for life and your creativity fuel my fire.


Acts of Kindness: RAOK for ALV

On the soul-crushing anniversary of Anthony's death, a friend once offered a challenge, to stand up on this heavy day and do things that bring light and happiness to others, in memory of Anthony. He was a freckle-nosed monkey, hilarious, creative and impish, and he loved to surprise people with simple acts of kindness and humor.


Anthony's Classmates & "Tight" Tshirts

From Mom, 9/30/2005

Last year, I took Anthony shopping for shoes. He picked a pair out, tried them on, and said, "Man, these are TIGHT, Mom."

"Ok," I said, "Let me grab a bigger size."


Aunt S Remembers: Spoiling Her Nephew

From Aunt S, 10/15/2005

Anthony was...amazing. From the moment he came home I knew he was just really somethin'. I remember when I visited Gwen and Rian in North Carolina. I slept on the floor in the same room


Aunt S: Message to a Would-be Graduate

From Ant S, 5/25/2010

So, Graduate, what would I say to you now as you faced the world? That we knew you would be great from the very moment we laid eyes on you.


Bedtime Story

Anthony moved into his own room last weekend. He hadn't been campaigning (hard) for it, but my parents moved recently (2 hours closer!) and gave us some extra furniture, so we were able to set him up with a twin bed, dresser, and small blue recliner.


Chelsea Remembers: Great Memories

I've known Anthony for about 5 years and I have had great memories with him! I remember when we were in 5th or 6th grade and the office would go over the intercom and say "there's a car parked outside with its headlights on" and Anthony would start walkin out of the room sayin "that's mine." He was a great kid! I think about him all the time. It took me awhile to realize he was gone until school started. The first few days it was really hard! I miss you so much Anthony.

Classmates Remember: You HAD to Laugh!

From Allison S, 9/30/2005

Whenever you were around Anthony, u always HAD to laugh! He was hilarious! Last year in Mrs. Ruever's class


Climbing Trees

When I was ten, I used to climb every tree in the neighborhood, but my favorite was a fir that stood at one corner of my parents' old, 2-story house. Its boughs brushed the windows of my corner bedroom on the second floor.