Sutherland Skatepark

Cherokee Chronicle Times: "Sutherland Gets a Skate Park"

Monday, May 1, 2006

Nancy Nelson, Staff Writer


Youth from the city of Sutherland helped to decorate the new skate park equipment with spray paint recently after the equipment, built and donated by JTV, was installed. (Photo by Chris Reed)


Park built in memory of a friend and son

It was little more than a year ago when a group of young teens approached the Sutherland City Council about building a skate park at the city's park in the center of town.

The teens took it upon themselves to approach the city council and some parents were unaware of their efforts until word got around. The city did put some equipment in for skateboard enthusiast to use to get the project started.

Among those ambitious youngsters was Anthony Vos, the 13 year old son of Rian and Gwen Vos. Unfortunately a short time later, in June 2005, a motorcycle accident claimed the young boy's life. The community of Sutherland naturally pulled together during the tragic event in the form of memorial money.


Sioux City Journal: "Sutherland Skate Park Dedication Saturday"

Tim Gallagher Journal staff writer, May 12, 2006

 A "pipe dream" comes full circle as half-pipe and quarter-pipe units are dedicated at a skate park in Sutherland, Iowa.

The project began well over a year ago when Sutherland youths and their parents asked members of the local park board if the city could support a skate park.

"I remember 15 (youths) came to the board with their parents," says Sutherland Mayor Carolyn Rohrbaugh. "They wanted some skate equipment and we asked them if they wanted us to save our money so we could afford some expensive equipment, or if they wanted us to get some affordable equipment right away."


Sutherland Skate Park Photos

Skatepark ramps and platforms were fabricated and donated by JTV Mfg. R. had taken measurements of similar equipment in a couple of other towns but ended up working from a large fold-out Slim Jim ad containing a detailed "Snap Pipe" blueprint we found in one of Anthony's skateboarding magazines.  Slim Jim's parent company ConAgra was contacted to give them credit for the initial design. Lundell Mfg from Cherokee donated the black paint job.

The skate ramps were set up in the Sutherland City Park on April 14 & 15 of 2006. Anthony's grandpa and little brother each had a birthday that weekend.

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