Evan Remembers: Anthony Saving Baxter

Evan has a stuffed animal that has been passed down from his mom to Anthony to him. Baxter the puppy looks pretty rough by now... he's been stitched up a couple of times and had to have his nose replaced a few years ago.

In 2004, Baxter had 2 new rips on his tummy and head. He kept losing stuffing, but Mom just never got around to stitching him up. One afternoon, Anthony decided to fix 'im up for Evan. He made a huge production out of it, acting like an ER doctor, resuscitating Baxter, using defib paddles on Baxter's chest, asking his assistant Evan for various surgical tools, STAT.

When it was all over, Baxter had a nice, even row of small gold safety pins straight down his tummy and on the back of his head, and Evan had a big grin on his face.