Remembered by Friends

A Song of Faith

From Faith, 1/15/2014


I wrote a song about you in Nashville this past year. I imagine you would have had a million songs poured out of your soul by now. Your sense of adventure and your love for life and your creativity fuel my fire.


Chelsea Remembers: Great Memories

I've known Anthony for about 5 years and I have had great memories with him! I remember when we were in 5th or 6th grade and the office would go over the intercom and say "there's a car parked outside with its headlights on" and Anthony would start walkin out of the room sayin "that's mine." He was a great kid! I think about him all the time. It took me awhile to realize he was gone until school started. The first few days it was really hard! I miss you so much Anthony.

Classmates Remember: You HAD to Laugh!

From Allison S, 9/30/2005

Whenever you were around Anthony, u always HAD to laugh! He was hilarious! Last year in Mrs. Ruever's class


Cole Remembers: Like a Brother

Anthony was a really cool and nice kid. He was always great to hang out with. We usually went skateboarding. We made 3 or 4 movies together. He had a lot of talent and skills. He was an excellent guitar player and a good skateboarder. He was an awesome friend, I considered him like a brother.

Emily Remembers: He Slept in the Tub!

From Emily S., 10/5/2005

I remember on the Science Fair Trip to Ames, when we were told that he would be sharing a room with Mr. Brasser and Ryan, with only two beds.


Ethan Remembers: A Best Friend

Anthony was one of the best friends I have ever had. Even when we had our differences, we worked them out and our friendship became stronger than ever. I'm proud to have been called his friend. I really miss him and there is not a day that goes by that i don't think about Anthony.

Ethan R.


Anthony did such a good impression of Napoleon Dynamite!!



Johanna Remembers: A Cool Dude

Anthony was one of those people that were all in their personal world of fun! I remember last year in art he always drew war and things like that. He was a cool dude. 8) What I remember about Anthony is that he would be so nice to people if they really were feeling bad. Anthony was one of my very good friends. I am very mad that he is not here to share all the things that are happening now.

Kelsey Remembers: The Talk

I've known Anthony since he moved here in about second grade... I can only think of good memories I've had with him! Like when he jumped up on his chair to assume his usual position and completely missed the chair,  or when he was mine and Kirstin's "dad" and gave us "the talk" after we snuck out at night. I can remember when he dressed up like a girl in Mrs. Geerdes classroom for a character for a book report...only Anthony would be brave enough to do that!


Kim Remembers: Meeting Anthony

From Kim, 12/29/2009

Anthony made such an impression on my family. My kids were very small when we spent time with the Vos family but they still remember Anthony & Evan often. Anthony was so patient and kind with my kids. And what a whip-smart sense of humor he had. I feel fortunate to have known this kind, generous and intelligent young man. The world lost a lot when it lost Anthony. 

We miss you, kid.

~ K, O & H

Lindsi Remembers: Prankster

I remember last year in Mrs. Geerdes' class I sat at a table with Anthony and he showed me all the stories that he had written and we laughed at them. Then later he tried to shine the sunlight in Mrs. Haack's eyes and she started yelling at him. He was such a character.

Miranda Remembers: Sooo Funny!

I've known Anthony for a long time...I think since he moved here...which was in 2nd grade. He was sooo funny..from the time when he got up in front of class and was trying to act out the story Mrs. Golden was reading, to the time where he was trying to push me out of the class in Mr. Brasser's roll-y chair during CIP class. We have had so many memories that I'll never forget!

He was a very good friend and will always be in my heart. 

Peter Remembers: Good Times

Anthony was a great kid. We had a lot of fun skateboarding, climbing trees, camping, and doing other fun things together. We used to sit in his basement and play video games together. We would sit out in his yard and build little cities in the dirt with our little army men and Hotwheels. We made one so big it took up at least a fourth of his back yard.


Staci Remembers: Being Weird

Well, I didn't know Anthony very long (only one school year) but I have so many memories of him. I remember when he came on a few church trips with us. It was pretty funny, Anthony, Cole, and Ethan were always being weird. Having them together was just great. He also wrote many books. I remember that he wrote them and he was going to give one to me but he never got a chance. They were just so funny though.