Aunt S: Message to a Would-be Graduate

From Ant S, 5/25/2010

So, Graduate, what would I say to you now as you faced the world? That we knew you would be great from the very moment we laid eyes on you.

We saw how talented you were with your poems and videos and projects that you did for the sheer enjoyment of creating something and hoping that others enjoyed it too. We felt how kind you were when you looked out for your little brother and spent time with your cousins who were so much younger than you.

Your graduation party would be huge~so many people that loved you. We'd be eating your cake and laughing about the graduation ceremony and what you or your buddies did to surprise everyone. We'd be talking about your college plans and how you would blow the world away. We would know this b/c you blew us away.

You would be 18 and "cool" but would still be on the floor playing with Naomi or taking time away from a visitor to listen to Gabe's latest joke or would steal away in a corner with Tess to read her latest story...all during YOUR graduation party. We love you, Graduate. We wish you could've taken the world by storm like you were set to do.