Cousin Michelle Remembers

From Cousin Michelle, 10/16/2005

What I remember best about Anthony was that he was true to his namesake - Grandpa Tony Kuiper.

Always joking, always kidding or teasing. When I look again now at Anthony's pictures I can always see it in his eyes -- his large, intelligent, laughing eyes.

One more thing for now: Regarding Julie's posting about catching Gwen and baby Anthony in that sacred moment of gazing into each other's eyes. The moment you describe has to be one of the most beautiful word paintings I've read and also one of the most profound moments in a mother's life.

Those of us who are mothers know that it is impossible, before our children are born, to even imagine the fiercely intense love and protectiveness we have for our children after they are born and when we gaze into their eyes for the first time.

Praise God for Anthony! What a wonderful, wonderful gift.