Remembered by Family

Aunt S Remembers: Spoiling Her Nephew

From Aunt S, 10/15/2005

Anthony was...amazing. From the moment he came home I knew he was just really somethin'. I remember when I visited Gwen and Rian in North Carolina. I slept on the floor in the same room


Aunt S: Message to a Would-be Graduate

From Ant S, 5/25/2010

So, Graduate, what would I say to you now as you faced the world? That we knew you would be great from the very moment we laid eyes on you.


Cousin Julie Remembers: A Newborn

From Cousin Julie, 10/12/2005

Most of my memories of Anthony are from his earlier moments in life.

I remember when he was born.

They closed the Dordt Campus for the weekend


Cousin Julie Remembers: A Poke in the Eye

From Cousin Julie, 9/20/2005

One time, I was sleeping on the couch at "Uncle Al's" house. It was a Sunday afternoon several years ago, typical of an Iowa winter. Cold and froze outside, warm and cozy inside.


Cousin Michelle Remembers

From Cousin Michelle, 10/16/2005

What I remember best about Anthony was that he was true to his namesake - Grandpa Tony Kuiper.


Grandma Remembers: Separation

From Grandma Kuiper, 11/3/2005

I was privileged to spend a lot of time with Anthony during his first 5 years or so. I found out quite soon how "attached" to him I was.

When Anthony was almost a year old I traveled with him and his mom on their first move to Jacksonville, NC.


Grandpa Remembers: A Spotted Fawn

From Grandpa K, 9/29/2010

Five years ago on a Saturday afternoon in June you and I stood silent on a grass-covered hillside. You had suddenly pointed and whispered, "Grandpa, look! It's a fawn!"


Grandpa Remembers: Name That Tune

From Grandpa K, 10/10/2005

Anthony had a special love for music -- of most any kind! We saw this already almost as soon as he started to walk.


Grandpa Remembers: Quiet Evening

From Grandpa K, 9/30/2014

It’s a quiet evening here, not too far away from the place you were born. Today we would have celebrated your 23rd birthday with you, and I find myself wondering what life would look like for you. What would you be doing? What passions of life would you be pursuing? What adventures of life might surround you?


Kayla Remembers: Cheez Whiz!

From Cousin Kayla, 9/16/2005

Last summer I was sleeping on the couch and Anthony and Evan got the idea to put cheese whiz in my ear.


Unkel B Remembers: Seeing Each Other

From Uncle Bruce, 10/4/2005

What keeps coming back to me this summer, over and over again, is returning to America and wanting desperately to see Anthony for the first time.


Unkel B: Missed Every Second

From Unkel B, 7/2/2008

Three years feels like a lifetime without Anthony, but at the same time the pain feels like the loss happened only yesterday.


Unkel B: Stained Glass Window

From Unkel B, 6/17/2009

In our lives, we saw each other in bursts,
In quick, stolen moments of time,
Bonds shared by others,
Then splintered into shining shards
That somehow show unity rather than brokenness,
And uniquely complete us and show us
Why we are together,
Why we cling to each other
Even when we’re apart.