Anthony's Classmates & "Tight" Tshirts

From Mom, 9/30/2005

Last year, I took Anthony shopping for shoes. He picked a pair out, tried them on, and said, "Man, these are TIGHT, Mom."

"Ok," I said, "Let me grab a bigger size."

He grinned and said, "No, Mom, these are TIGHT."

"Well, if they're so TIGHT, we need to get you a pair that's BIGGER, right?"

"Ma, these are tight, like, COOL, ya know? Tight is like cool or awesome."



Today would have been Anthony's 14th birthday, and we went to his school to give wristbands and cds to his classmates. I hope everyone who wants one gets one.... We played a slideshow with the song "When September Ends," by Green Day.

When the eighth-graders started walking into the gym, several of them were wearing Anthony's trademark "TAKE ME HOME & FEED ME" t-shirts, with his handstand picture printed on the back, and several had sweatshirts with a skater, Anthony's initials, his birthdate, and "Skate on." I didn't really see all the detail on the shirts, because it was difficult to take a close look at things like that right then. It was a really tough moment, but good.

And those t-shirts and sweatshirts were TIGHT, y'all.

You guys are great.