Dustin Lokhorst: Repeat Offender Report

Public records show that after his arrest & conviction for manslaughter in the death of 13-year-old Anthony Vos, Dustin Lokhorst continues to be arrested and, in most cases, convicted for nearly 100 felonies, misdemeanors, protection orders, and civil actions in Iowa & California, including (but not limited to) the following: battering/resisting/obstructing police officers; drug & weapons possession; multiple counts of domestic abuse, stalking, & harassment; tampering with witnesses; vandalism, multiple counts of reckless driving & excessive speeding, and multiple counts of operating without registration and/or a valid driver's license. 

Of these charges, a handful of cases are pending at any one time, and only a handful have ever been dismissed. Lokhorst has been found guilty of all other charges & actions brought against him. Dustin Lokhorst has also crashed motorcycles at least 4 more times since killing Anthony in 2005.

Dustin Lokhorst currently has two outstanding warrants for his arrest in Sioux County, Iowa.

He continues to post videos on YouTube of himself doing illegal high-speed & high-risk motorcycle stunts on open roads where he puts other people at risk.