Acts of Kindness: RAOK for ALV

On the soul-crushing anniversary of Anthony's death, a friend once offered a challenge, to stand up on this heavy day and do things that bring light and happiness to others, in memory of Anthony. He was a freckle-nosed monkey, hilarious, creative and impish, and he loved to surprise people with simple acts of kindness and humor.

We began RAOK for Anthony in 2010, and it has continued informally since then. The goal is to do at least 10 Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) on this day, in memory of Anthony’s big heart and mischievous smile. I would like to ask others to consider doing a RAOK on this day or during this week, so that we have several happy moments inspired by Anthony.

It could be anything big or small, public or private - writing a nice note to someone, calling a grandparent, leaving a dollar in change taped to a vending machine, paying for someone's coffee, etc. You can be stealthy about it or over-the-top, whatever your style. The links below offer dozens of ideas if you want help brainstorming.

We are grateful for the thoughts, prayers, and love you continue to share with our family, especially on days like this.